“My heavenly home is bright and fair,

I feel like traveling on…” 

That’s one of our theme songs, but we don’t want to arrive in our heavenly home  yet—there’s too much to do and see in this one.

I’m “Daisy,” he’s “Skus” (rhymes with bus).   We’ve been on our way together ever since what my parents hoped was a summer romance in Seattle more than 50 years ago, so there are plenty of miles in our log, from Massachusetts to Washington State, from the Canadian Rockies to southern California, from sweet dreams to nightmares, from grief to blessings, from a barren desert lot to the home we built together.

 “an adventure is something that makes you cold and wet and late for dinner,”  

A bridge on White Pass

A bridge on White Pass

Bilbo in The Hobbit,

That might have been our Alaska Highway travel.




“You can’t go home again,”  2015-07-13m RT 6 SIGN

But we have taken our children across the continent to see what once was home.



…the passage of the first ship through the canal in the summer of 191–the first voyage through the American land mass–marked the resolution of a dream as old as the voyage of Columbus. 
                                   David McCullough, The Path Between the Seas

Our Panama Canal cruise
came as close as possible
to the unrealistic dream
of following my grandfather
from Cuba to Panama and beyond.


Most of our travel has been between our children’s and brothers’ homes, over 2000 miles from the southern-most to the northern-most, not including the grandson who recently moved to Texas.

There is so much beauty, so much to fascinate and amaze us on those drives!