“Something inside me sings when I am setting off on a journey, and the sight of a road stretching ahead makes me inexplicably happy.  Whether it’s due to curiosity or a desire to run away, I’m not sure.  I like to come back to places, too, and am now at home in three continents.  Some people feel they belong nowhere.  I feel like I belong everywhere.”   
                                                      Barbara Acquah:  Folk singer, traveler, Friend.

Rambling on Different Paths

  • Maintaining this web site as is with the combination of Covid-19, the death of my husband, my decision to stop driving, and increasing disability, is no longer possible.
  • I still want to travel virtually, and won’t stop “going places” by reading about other people’s travel
    • I continue to be curious.
    • The writing I’m doing for middle grade adventure stories requires research.
    • Several family travel journals are waiting for exploration..
    • My historical curiosities are better explored via library than plane or auto travel.
  • My spiritual journey is not subject to physical limitations. 

More changes coming…

Re-organizing is not something I can do in one evening when my site host has just introduced changes also and I’m not navigating easily!

Panama, steamships, and family letters are history…

The time travel of Debby’s THREE TALES is fantasy–

  1. God took the elevator.  He left his penthouse suite, pushed the elevator button, and descended to the lobby.  He chatted with the cleaning crew and the doorman.  He left instructions at the registration desk and walked out the front door…

2.  Lois Detering left this manuscript tucked in a book,  where we found it a decade later.  God comes incognito to the streets of–I assume–New York.

3. When thunderstorms gathered and the children fidgeted like cattle, the watch dragon tugged at his chain and trumpeted the approach of a stranger.  His fiery breath barred the path until Ben ordered him back to his post and allowed an old woman with a bundle of rags to approach the door…

Author excels at creating very visual scenes, which smartly invite the reader into the story. Setting is richly painted, with sensory details adding to the experiential nature of these stories.

The second story stands out with wonderful imagery and terrific dialogue. Author has a nice instinct for creating voice, and for adding personality to characters via their movements. We get a nice sense of place in the third story, realistic timing, and the sensory in the savory stew and the hay mildewing. 

Judge, 25th Annual  Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

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