1907 Baggage Mix-up

1907 Baggage Mix-up

February 25, 1907.  Mabel Potter, whose father is due to arrive in Cuba soon, writes her mother:

My dear Mother,
Is after ten o’clock–but I want to write this to go in tomorrow’s mail–that you may hear as often as possible…The only thing I can think of [for father to bring] is coarse white beaded pins (on the box cube in top bureau drawer) and some hairpins if are any there–such things are much higher here–

Would be a good idea to have a bathrobe–but the heavy one is most too bulky to bring perhaps–Will has his heavy one–and is good thing to make the pilgrimage to the bathroom–This shower bath is great–wish we had one–with cement floors and nothing to harm, one can splash ad infinitum.

We are going bathing soon now–you may have wondered at some of the things I did or didn’t do in last few weeks–and I can explain now there was a mistake or oversight about my trunk and I have just gotten it!  I wouldn’t tell you before as knew you would worry and feel so badly–Really it’s not been serious–but had limited my activities and would have been so if I could have spent only these two weeks!  For I just had traveling clothes and one change of underwear–Got material for a white waist [blouse] and a light dress–both done now–but of course taken time from other things to sew–Could not tramp in long skirt and light shoes–neither atten any special functions.

Mabel Louise Potter. Photo taken in New York, 1908.  Age 35.

Trunk was in stateroom and should have followed me–Mr. Liston said it would take about half an hour to get it through customs but when asked Dr. and Carl they said some three hours … and George said could not get thru until mid afternoon–so did not send for it until Monday a.m.–at which time it had gone back [to a U.S. port]!!!

Moral–look out for baggage yourself at the time–meanwhile have gotten quite acquainted with the Agents of the Line here–and today met the Capt. in office–

Don’t spend time crying over spilt milk–but I knew I’d have to tell, as father could likely hear of it en route!…

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