As the senior members of our extended family, we’re the ones to begin a feast with a blessing.  It’s easy to be thankful for all those sharing the meal with us, the food on the table, the multiple cooks who prepared it,  Outside our home, there are too many negatives, too many hurting people, too many environmental and personal disasters.  We’re thankful for a reminder of the positives: 

Now approaches the day set aside to giving thanks. I’m grateful for all those, famous and forgotten, past and present, who have lived through difficult times and chosen hope over despair, respect over contempt, gentleness over cruelty, communion over division, liberty over tyranny, beauty over ugliness, dignity over base impulses and manipulation. These choices are right and good, in all times and places.                                       

David von Drehle, writing for the Washington Post.

All we can add is AMEN!

Don’t ask me why the onion was right-side-up on the draft, sideways when I looked at the preview, and right-side-up when I publish it!  I’m glad it’s still happy.


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