Best Meat Pie

Best Meat Pie

September 21, 2012

Johnson Crossing on the Alaska Highway, roughly 100 miles south of Whitehorse, has a campground/RV park, and Denny Denison’s meat pies.  He was just starting a new batch of cinnamon buns when we arrived, so we can’t compare those with the one we had a day or so ago, also advertised as “world’s best,” but we shared a beef pie and a cherry turnover for lunch.  Denny’s crusts are wonderfully flaky and tender, made with butter (his mother used butter–my mother used lard).  The secret of good crust is the handling, and Denny does it just right.  The meat filling was the best we’ve ever had, plenty of finely chopped beef and vegetables, and seasoning that brought out the beef flavor without added salt (there would be some salt in the seasonings, so I wouldn’t call them salt free).  Denny told me he uses masala, which I’ve heard about but never used, along with Worcestershire sauce and a special mustard and some other things.

If you can get up the Alaska Highway, do stop at Johnson Crossing for Denny’s meat pies, etc.

By the way, across the bridge from the camp, there is a great collection of old Alaska Highway equipment.

Left-over truck from the 1942-43 construction of the Alaska Highway, at Johnson Crossing

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