Burns, Oregon: The Silver Spur

Burns, Oregon: The Silver Spur

We arrived in Burns, Oregon, as rain clouds gathered and checked in at the Silver Spur Motel just in time to get our bags into the room before the rain hit.  We were glad to have a refrigerator and microwave so we could enjoy a hot soup supper without leaving our room.  The motel is inexpensive, about $50 for the two of us, clean and comfortable.  We had a relaxing evening, a good sleep, and a very adequate continental breakfast.

When we stepped out for a walk in the morning, a lovely sunny day, we discovered the Harney County Museum cattycorner from the motel, and that turned out to be a real treat and deserves one or two posts for itself.

Burns, in central Oregon, marks a change in scenery.  South of Burns we find sage brush and grasslands with varied basalt formations: cap rock, scattered jumbled eruptions, some mostly-broken columns.
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North of Burns, we’re in juniper and Ponderosa country with green brush in the river valleys.

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