Copper Creek Falls

Copper Creek Falls

August 26, 2012 (No way I can keep up with posting while we’re on the road!)

Copper Creek is a U.S. Forest Service campground close to the Canadian border in Idaho.  The camp host greeted us with a printed warning that this is bear country and verbal information about a grizzly and cubs visiting the camp a few days ago.  No food or utensils to be left out when not in use!

Copper Creek Falls Trail

We tested our limits on the trail to Copper Creek Falls which younger hikers would label “easy.”  If I can get up an incline holding onto Skus, it’s “easy!”  This trail has a good surface of packed dirt and pine needles.  A couple of benches, a stump or two, and a couple of large rocks for rests made the distance possible for us.  We took the trail from interpretive sign to interpretive sign, “We made it this far–let’s go to the next.”

We made it all the way to Copper Creek Falls.  The falls aren’t flowing full this time of year, and it’s not spectacular like Snoqualmie Falls, but it rewarded us well for the hike.  We found purple asters, small white daisies (asters?), and a blue bell-type flower.  The forest is Ponderosa Pine, lodgepole pine, and western cedar.  We kept hearing what I thought was a bird either trilling or pecking–until it turned out to be squirrels chittering, scolding us for encroaching on their territory.

Copper Creek Falls
The blue bell; it bowed too low for a photo and I had to hold it facing the camera.

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