Cruises: 1907 and 2015

Cruises: 1907 and 2015

Cousin Mabel’s letters from 1907 and Will Hobby’s journal from 1914 turned into action our wish to cruise the Panama Canal.

What if
we were to follow
the path of William Richard Hobby
from Cuba to Panama, through the Canal
and on up the Pacific Coast to San Francisco,
visiting each port where he stopped
and searching for vestiges of what he saw
in 1914?

Better yet, to do it in February to March, 2014?  Not a no-sooner-said-than-done proposition!  Our income is below average.  We are still working to complete our new home.  We have brothers and sisters, shirt-tail relatives and friends, grandchildren and great grands, in several states, and use our travel resources to see them.

Consider that Will was 29 years old and we are well over 70, that he had been tramping and moving around Texas, Cuba, and the Panamanian construction area on foot, by horseback, on trains and steamships, toting surveying equipment up hill and down.  We tote canes and plan accessible routes.

Consider that in 100 years the “so little known Pacific Coast” has developed industrial and cruise ship ports, that governments have risen and fallen, violence has moved from revolutions to drug cartels!–not to mention changes brought by airplanes and computers!

Cuba was off limits, but Holland America ships pass within (dim) sight of Cuba, through the Panama Canal, and up the coast as far as San Diego.  We could visit two ports where my grandfather’s ship docked, and perhaps some other year sail from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

We follow a friend’s advice:  “Your only responsibility is to have a good time.”

We sailed from Fort Lauderdale January 29, 2915.

Whatever my grandfather saw of Florida in 1906 or 1907, it wasn’t anything like this!

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