Dare the Menu!

Dare the Menu!

The menu of Simpang Asia challenged me: The familiar mango or honeydew smoothie, or did I dare try the avocado-with-chocolate or a sundae-style concoction of durian fruit, “durian” not being in my culinary or horticultural vocabulary.

We’re in Los Angeles, in a “young professional” housing and rental area, waiting for granddaughter Louise and her boyfriend to meet us after work. I won’t settle for the known smoothie as Skus does, but what if I don’t like what arrives? Our friend advises against durian fruit. I settle for Es Teler, a shaved ice concoction which sounds refreshing on this hot day.

Es Teler arrives in a flared square, white china bowl with a mound of shaved ice.. There’s a straw in the center, like a chimney, a few slivers of jackfruit in one corner, coconut in another, and avocado in a third. I should have taken a photo.

It’s delicious, gently sweet but not syrupy. I’ve never tasted jackfruit before; it’s faintly like peach in flavor as well as color. The “young coconut” is softer than I’m used to, but that’s fine. And the avocado pieces in a third corner of the square dish fit with the rest of it surprisingly well.   If we eat here again, would I order Es Teler because I like it so much, or dare something else that’s new?

Simpang Asia is at 10433 National Blvd., Los Angeles.

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