Delta, Delta!

Delta, Delta!

Pat McManus, an outdoor camping humorist and one of Skus’ favorite writers, explained the Law of Firsts–essentially, when you have a priority there will be something that has to be done first, and another before that…

Last night (and I do not mean early evening!) I was trying to install a new printer with wireless connection, because the old one quit just as I began several hundred color pages of Christmas projects. To connect the printer wirelessly, I needed my wireless router password.  I KNOW I wrote it down somewhere!   Most likely in the box of to-be-filed papers under my desk.  To find the password I had to first file, or at least start to file, those papers.  But first I had to make room for them by cleaning out our business file drawer, and by the time that was done, after midnight, I’d forgotten about looking for the password.

The compensation for all that, besides having papers in logical order in a file that’s no longer packed too tight to use, was finding a missing installation guide without which Skus can’t find out why the faucets on our shower dribble instead of flowing.  It happens that our health insurance plan uses Delta Dental for a discount (not exactly insurance)  plan.  I had filed the Delta faucet installation guide in the folder with the Delta Dental Plan coverage booklet.  They were almost the same page size, similar thickness, black-and-white print, and “Delta” prominent on the front.

And then there are river deltas…

This lovely delta, in Spain, is from–a wonderful source for free (and not-so-free) illustrations.

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