Eggs, Chicks, and Eagles

Eggs, Chicks, and Eagles

Convent-Silky ChicksC.S. Lewis on spiritual growth: “An egg cannot remain an egg. It must hatch or go bad.”

Grandson Jonathan, 19, flies to Texas tonight for job and apartment search; he has interviews lined up, one with the company he’s been working for in L.A.  We will be surprised if they don’t hire him since he’s one of their top 10 salespersons in this area (He didn’t get his salesmanship from OUR side of the family— that’s an inheritance from his late father).

I comment that it’s necessary for chicks to leave the nest.

Jon’s friend, who will take him to the airport: “He’s a rooster, not a chick!”

Jon: “I’m an eagle!” (He is classified as “eagle” level in his sales.)

We’re glad he sees himself as an eagle, but in Lewis’ analogy, he’s an adolescent egg in the process of hatching into a full-fledged chick, and for his mother he’s the fledgling taking his trial flight from the nest.

Our (unspoken) apology to the friend who believes Jon (and I suppose he himself, being of the same age) is “hatching” into a fully mature bird!

But our prayer is that he may mature to fly as an eagle.


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