We measure our wealth in gold—

Springtime, at home, if there’s been rain at the right time, “Desert Gold” in bloom, like area rugs around creosote bushes, hallway runners beside the highway.

Desert Gold (1)

Late summer, in farming country, furrowed hay fields

   and golden bales

In eastern Washington, a mountain of wheat piled on a circular tarpaulin beside grain silos.  08-25e Wheat pile (1)

From Alberta through British Columbia and the Yukon, aspens, sometimes lining the road like Dorothy’s yellow brick road to the Emerald City.

359~ Following Tetsa River (1)

And as we camp at Lake LaBerge, showers of gold leaf floating in the open doors of our van, decorating our picnic table, garnishing our dinner.

Aspen Leaves by Lake Laberge

We’re rich.

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