Harney County and Lincoln’s Quilt

Harney County and Lincoln’s Quilt

Another unexpected display in the Harney County Museum was a quilt with some stitching by Abraham Lincoln.  This is documented in family records, although I can’t guarantee the accuracy.  In 1854, Lincoln visited a family in a southern state (sorry, I forget which one–maybe one of the Carolinas?)  The lady of the house was, as would have been a common activity in those days, stitching a quilt.  Lincoln, who is known to have been handy with a needle as well as with an ax, joined her and stitched some small portion of the quilt.  The family later moved to Oregon, the quilt came with them, and a later generation donated it to the museum.

Our museum visit began with bells and whistles.  We had noticed construction at the library next door to the museum, so when we heard fire alarms and sirens we supposed workmen had set off the alarm by mistake.  Then all the bells and sirens of a fire engine chimed in.  The museum people told us this was children’s day at the library with the volunteer fire department showing off their equipment and letting the children set off the sirens and ring the bells.  What a noisy good time!

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