Heard in Silence

Heard in Silence

Skus and I participated in a silent retreat, a gathering of a few in a hermitage with two Sisters as hostesses.  After introductions, pointing out the coffee pot, water bottles, the garden and patio and visitors rooms where we were free to roam, there was no speaking except for the softly chanted worship times.  We browsed in the library, wandered in the garden, sat on the patio where humming birds darted to and from feeders, ate lunch silently with a CD of Gregorian chant in the background.  We read, prayed, or meditated as we felt like.

Skus and I watched the humming birds—I poked him with my cane and pointed when they flew in.  I chose a book at random, found a couple of pithy paragraphs to start meditation.  Skus was reading more extensively, and when he was getting a second cup of coffee, I picked up his book, chose a chapter at random from the Table of Contents, and skimmed it.  I happened on a paragraph that spoke directly to me and pointed to it when he came back.  He nodded, smiled.  He had already seen it and had the grace not to point it out to me.

The Holy Spirit works that way, directing me to what I need, confirming it by Skus’ also finding it but forbearing to lecture me.

The paragraph?  A reminder that I have been overwhelmed by too many concerns, like Martha, and need to spend time at Jesus’ feet, like Mary.

Writing this down reminds me again-and I need it!

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