Home Again and Arranging Things

Home Again and Arranging Things

We’re home, 6201 driving miles plus about 1000 on the Alaska Marine Highway since we left on August 1, with granddaughter Dottie keeping us company for the last thousand miles and granddaughter Denise’s wedding coming up.

Home–and my first project is to re-arrange furniture so the living-dining area looks larger.  Reminds us of “Hello, Dolly!” 

“I have always been a woman who arranges things, like flowers–and furniture–and LIVES!”

Flowers:  When available, I “arrange” haphazardly and enjoy them.  Furniture:  I periodically put Skus to the torture of dragging pieces around, emptying, moving, and refilling bookshelves.  Lives: I’ve learned that it’s not my business to arrange.  The only ones available to me for arranging were our children.   Skus and I set good examples at least most of the time, encourage good habits (that works only if we demonstrate them), but it’s a good thing our children aren’t amenable to our arrangements.  They need to find God’s plan for their lives, not ours!

Meanwhile, Skus, let’s try moving the table another foot or so this way–or maybe it’s better that way.–and see if the desk works better on the other side of the room, and while you’re about it…

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