About Us

About Us

October 23, 1959: from Skus on the West Coast to Debby on the East Coast:

“…the time I miss you most of all is looking at pictures of places that I expect to visit next year with you.  Now that I have found someone who likes to see new things and places, I want to get going.  There are so many places to visit on weekends after we are married that we should never get bored as long as we continue to find enjoyment in seeing new places together.  I hope that this enjoyment will last all our lifetimes…”

The little Road says “go.”
The little House says “stay,”
And oh! It’s bonny here at home
But I must go away.

The little Road, like me
Would seek, and turn, and know,
And forth I must to learn the things
The little Road would show.

Josephine Preston Peabody

Skus is the gardener, but we share cooking, and grocery shopping together is recreation.

October, 2018

We’ve never yet been bored either in the House or on the Road.  We love  children and grandchildren on a 2000-mile path.  We enjoy sunrise and sunset, moonrise and starlight, international recipes and internet wanderings at home.  And we feel good together.