Los Angeles Surprise!

Los Angeles Surprise!

Our daughter told us to save a weekend for an excursion to Los Angeles.  We don’t drive these freeways, so Los Angeles might as well be the Canadian border for us and we anticipated seeing one or two places of interest with the Southern California part of our family.

Before the special weekend, they borrowed our van, which seats eight, “for a school field trip–and we’ll bring it back by mid afternoon.”

Mid afternoon:  Our daughter brings back the van and calls us to “See who’s here!”   The man coming from the front passenger seat can’t be here in California–he lives in Washington–what is a clone of our son-in-law doing HERE?  No clone!  His wife (our youngest daughter) and three children pile out.    THIS is “the rest of your Christmas present,” because plane tickets cost too much in December, so we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles.

The “field trip” was an “alternative fact” because they needed our eight-seat van for the airport pickup.

The next few days included three of Los Angeles’ special sights enhanced by the grandchildren  (and their parents) from Washington State.

Of course I postponed writing and posting for that week, and then for another week for surgery (not mine–my spouse needed a few days of pampering).

Intentional art? Shadows on the pavement at The Getty Museum.
The Kelp Forest acquarium in the Science Center–entrancing for ages 2 to 85. Watch fish swimming on both sides of the viewing tunnel and overhead.
Los Angeles at night from the Griffith Observatory height–with too long an exposure but a pretty pattern.

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