Luning, Nevada

Luning, Nevada

It would be lunacy to move to Luning.

But the rest area has shaded picnic tables–and restrooms I’ll only characterize as usable.  We’ve had numerous picnic lunches here and have slept in our van at the rest area, usually accompanied by several trucks.

Luning, Nevada. is almost a ghost town, but has a rest area with shaded picnic tables.
Luning Nevada
The Trading Post

There’s a post office and “Trading Post” with snacks and cold drinks, although we haven’t patronized either.    Luning is described as “one or two steps from becoming a complete and utter ghost town,” and the remains of buildings have that fascination.

But someone built a new home for the sparrows.  This is mid July, and a parent flies in and out of the birdhouse.  We hear the nestlings chirping–demanding–but they apparently aren’t yet grown enough to peak out the door and mama (or papa) doesn’t linger long enough for us to focus a camera on her.

A home for sparrows.

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