Home from Cuba: 1907

Home from Cuba: 1907

Steamship to and from Cuba–1907

Easter 1907    [March 31]

My dear Mother,

A line from Brunswick may reach you ere we do—I’ll risk it to let you know of our departure—Left the wharf at 1:00 with the family to see me off—and a big lump in my throat—I don’t know about the others.  But did hate to leave the land—not for all time tho, I am hoping—

We could scarcely expect better passage than thus far—tho rolling a little now—and tho’ not feeling ill I did not want to think of dinner—and sat on deck—until now in thinnest of waists—even warmer than last night–  Have been in Gulf Stream all day, beautiful color—gulf weed floating, a few Portuguese men of war, flying fish, porpoises—Florida coast barely in sight—Large number aboard—Have a little Atlanta girl for roommate to Brunswick—

Father is writing notes—and talking of a deal with the men who can give experiences on the island—goes to three meals and eats!  Has amused me very much to see him eat so much right along!

We are due in N.Y. Thursday—if late, shall probably stay over the night and Friday—but of course if we can shall get boat Thursday night—so you’ll have to be prepared for our reception on Friday—Father had a wild dream of stopping off at Newport en route—but as we’ve both rather more baggage than we can carry think he’ll have to come on!

Tues. noon—Much delayed—not yet in Brunswick—Nearly everyone sick yesterday—did not get out of stateroom at all—Father not out until 4 p.m.—tho’ headache rather than sick—rain all day but clear and calm this a.m.—cannot reach N.Y. until Friday anyway—Has been cold—and all have felt it—especially all those who lived some time in Cuba—and no winter clothes.

Brunswick Dock, date unknown.

Much love & hoping to see you soon.


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