Mr. Potter Arrives in Cuba

Mr. Potter Arrives in Cuba

Daniel Charles Potter, unknown year.

Temperature now like summer at home.  Have on cotton stockings and no coat.  Many of the men in shirtsleeves.

3:30 P.M. Land in sight!  A dark streak just above the horizon which gradually grows plainer.  Now there is bustle and excitement on board,  packing up, brushing up &c. &c.  I have packed up.  Have on this shirt, cotton stockings, no vest—overcoat strapped outside of suit case which makes it pretty heavy.  Will take time to add a few lines.  Seems a long time since I left home and I am anxious to hear from you about everything, the weather, the business matters, the neighbors,  &c &c.  As I wrote you, if I can get Mabel started away, be home by[illegible] boat—Now good bye for present—Lovingly  C

9:oo [A.M., next day]  At Camp Columbia.  Got in all right. Found Mabel & Will and arrived here about dark.  Now Mabel has a letter to send to you so I will add a word while she is writing.  Mabel is looking well, all browned up and is evidently enjoying herself.  Afraid she won’t want to come home…  Of course am interested in surroundings … but have had no chance to examine things.  We are all going down to George’s battery with him now, so Good bye, Lovingly, Chas.

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