Seven Special Steamship Websites

Seven Special Steamship Websites

These sites have been useful in my research, or just plain fascinating!

  1. McSherry, Patrick. The Spanish American War Centennial Website. Voyage of the USS Oregon. Details of the race of the Oregon, a cliff-hanger tale with links to the diary of Fireman George W. Robinson and letters of Asst. Engineer Joseph Mason Reeves, written during the voyage.
  2. FoundSF, Shaping San Francisco’s Digital Archive. Pacific Mail Steamship Company. Accessed 30 December 2018. . A brief history of the company with a paintings and lithographs of some ships, the San Francisco dock, and office building. Note that the Pacific Mail Steamship office building, photograph from 1896, is not the same building the Hobbys may have seen. That first building was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and rebuilt well before the Hobbys and Potters arrived.
  3. The Ships List.  This website, online since August 1999, includes immigration reports, newspaper records, shipwreck information, ship pictures, ship descriptions, shipping-line fleet lists and more. I did not find as many ships as I hoped on this site, but it’s the best place to start, and fun browsing!
  4. Malanowski, Jamie. The Unbelievable Success of the American Steamship. “Sent to Paris in 1801 to obtain permission for American vessels tonavigate past French-owned New Orleans, Robert Livingston reached a grander deal: He simply bought New Orleans, as well as the Mississippi and the entire Louisiana territory” and he met Robert Fulton who was ready to change his career fro m artist to nautical engineering. The Smithsonian, February 2015.
  5. is another interesting browsing site with assorted photographs, letters written in the early 1900s, various documents, books for purchase, and a blog with photos and historical notes which advertises a 2019 calendar of Sternwheel Towboats. Most important: a list, by State, of steamboat museums and cruises. I am surprised how many states are represented. There may be a museum, restoration, or cruise near you!
  6. Steamship America Documentary: This 56-minute U-Tube shows divers exploring the wrecked steamship America and tells of her foundering. It pertains to archeological research rather than my book, but it’s worth including if only for what the divers found.
  7. The Steamship Historical Society of America is perhaps the most complete and visual site. The Society is active in research on steamships, has a virtual museum, a quarterly periodical, educational resources, and deserves a post all its own. I e-mailed a question and received an answer within hours–or was it minutes?

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