Panama and Beyond–You Can Buy it Now! –and I’m back on line

Panama and Beyond–You Can Buy it Now! –and I’m back on line

After a month or more of invisibility, I’m back–

While ignoring posting, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, I’ve been:

  • Enjoying our granddaughter’s Seahawks theme wedding.
  • Traveling 2000 miles in too little time–and, for a BIG change, driving only 100 of that, thanks to a daughter who takes I-5 in stride.
  • Helping a daughter and family look for a house. I can’t drive through a town without seeing a house I’d like to buy and restore to its former glory. “Look to the right–that’s my house!”–as we drive past for the only glimpse we’ll ever have of it.
  • Celebrating, with my Other Half (Would you believe it? We hardly comprehend it, ourselves) 60 years since our first date.
  • Catching up on sleep, hoping to build up my immunity in a motel room while our daughter and my spouse recovered from one of those brief but nasty viruses.
  • Taking my turn with a similar fever-and-aches virus after we returned home.
  • In the midst of travel, a computer crash. Suddenly, nothing. Once home, Staples confirmed my hard drive was dead. Thank God for a backup system that worked! And a protection plan that saved my bank account.
  • Deciding whether to have the Panama book converted to an e-book and deciding to make the e-book an abridged edition because by cutting over half the photographs it will be “flowable” text.
  • Learning new vocabulary, like “flowable.”
  • Submitting Panama and Beyond to KDP [Amazon’s self-publishing] for publication.
  • Wondering why the e-book hadn’t shown up on Amazon–turned out I hadn’t pressed the “publish” button…
  • And finally celebrating publication of the paperback edition of Panama and Beyond.
Photograph of the book cover for Panama and Beyond, illustration of a passenger steamship of that era.
Panama and Beyond: BUY NOW!

But the e-book?

I found the necessary button to push. The e-book version, which is abridged by cutting down on photos and adapting a few sentences in the text, should be available on Amazon by Thursday, August 15, at a price far below the “coffee table” version, or a discount for the e-book if you purchase both.

And the wedding:

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