Penny-Pinchers in a Luxury Resort

Penny-Pinchers in a Luxury Resort

January 27-29, 2015

Our concept of a good motel is one with clean, reasonably comfortable beds, complimentary breakfast, microwave and refrigerator.

When we signed up for our Panama Canal cruise, our main concern was transportation to the dock with luggage handlers available–worth paying extra  because we travel with my walker and his cane.  So we bought the cruise package that included the hotel and transportation.  Arriving the night before embarkation sounded like a good way to spoil the first evening aboard ship, so we stayed two nights at the Marriott.

We had no complaints about the environment or the service–it just isn’t our style, and we wanted our funds for souvenirs, not hotel luxuries.

To begin with, we object to queen or king beds because we can’t find each other on what seems like acreage.  It didn’t help that the extra-thick luxury mattress on top of extra-thick luxury springs on top of a rather high base made the bed inaccessible.  Skus managed to climb onto it.  I sort of got one knee up on the mattress and he grabbed my hands from the other side of the bed and pulled me up.  I suppose we could have called room service for a footstool or step.

We had Cup o’ Noodles with us, and that was all we wanted when we arrived.  We wouldn’t consider room service.  Normally we’d heat water in a motel coffee maker, but this luxury hotel had a fancy coffee maker with which we had to cook one at a time.

We treated ourselves to breakfast in what appeared to be the least expensive of the hotel dining rooms, and it came to $50 for the two of us.  Won’t do that again!

Our information indicated there was a 7-11 a few blocks from the hotel where we could use an ATM without an extra charge for our bank, and we planned to buy lunch there and bring home something for supper and the next breakfast.  Our sightseeing would be the seaside walk, and the weather was perfect that day.

From a bench near the shore we watched a couple of young men with a drone–the first we had ever seen.  I think we had a photo, but deleted that one by mistake.  Several ships passed by.

We looked at harbor cruise boats and luxury yachts as we walked by a large marina, and saw The Ship Hotel–shaped roughly like an ocean liner–and wondered what rooms were like there.

“The 487-room Yankee Clipper Hotel [Renamed the B Ocean] was built in 1956 to resemble a huge cruise ship. It recently underwent a a major renovation both inside and out… Inside is the famous Wreck Bar, where patrons can look out underwater portals and watch a “live” mermaid perform every Friday and Saturday night.”

The 7-ll seems to have been replaced by a trendy sandwich-and-salad bar, and no ATM.  The food cost more than the 7-11 would have, but it was excellent, and we took sandwiches and salad back to the Marriott for dinner and breakfast.

Our first sighting of a banana tree! Our walk gave us an unhurried look at tropical vegetation and made us very ready for a sound sleep before embarking on our Panama adventure.

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