Salvage of the Sosostres

Salvage of the Sosostres

The salvage of the Sosostres appears to be more definitive than its wrecking, per the newspaper reports:

San Diego, CA, July 22, 1916:  Bound for Ocos, Guatemala, to attempt to salvage the stranded steamer Sosostres, formerly of the Cosmos Line, the British salvage tug Pilot…Shipping men say with the present high cost of tonnage the Sosostres could be sold for $1,000,000.

San Diego, CA, Dec 17, 1916:  That the former freighter Sosostres, ashore at Ocos, Guatemala, has been successfully floated, is the news received from Capt. R. Ridley, skipper of …the Pilot.  Three hydraulic pumps and 150 natives were used to remove the great banks of sand from around the giant freighter which is said to be as seaworthy as the day she went ashore.  For many years the Sosostres was used as a coffee warehouse, while the dynamo was utilized to supply electricity to the residents of Ocos.  (Special to the Chicago Tribune)

Thus ends the tale of the Sosostres.

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