Singing as We Journey

Singing as We Journey

Thanksgiving with northern family, Christmas with the southern branch… We’re on the way between.  At the end of a long day over the Blue Mountains of Oregon and into Nevada, we are probably past predicted snow zones.

It’s a long drive ahead to avoid spending the night where “snow showers” are forecast for tomorrow.   I drive.  Skus helps me stay alert, not only by setting out peanuts, raisins, and frosted cereal squares for me to chew on, but by singing.  We often sing together, but I have laryngitis (grandchildren have a talent for sharing whatever’s going around in their schools), so I have the pleasure of just listening to his base–not as much in tune as it was a few decades ago, but rich and smooth to my ears–in our favorite hymns and camp songs.

A medley of his concert includes: “Eternal Father, strong to save, whose hand doth still the restless wave…I’ve got the joy, joy, joy…We are climbing Jacob’s ladder…We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves…I’ve got a river of life…There’s a song in the air, there’s a star in the sky…Will the circle be unbroken, by and by…I feel like traveling on…I got peace like a river…Tell me why the stars do shine, tell me why the ivy twines…” and the camp version: “Tell me why the fire won’t light..bugs do bite…the tent fell down!”

Because God made you, that’s why I love you.

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