Studying Copyright

Studying Copyright

I have a new vocabulary list to study.  It begins with copyright and goes on:

Creative Commons
open source
General Public License

And that’s before I have to understand sentences and paragraphs of legal terms!  “If the text content was imported from another source, it is possible that the content is licensed under a compatible CC BY-SA license but not GFDL (as described in “Importing text,” above). In that case, you agree to comply with the compatible CC BY-SA license and do not have the option to re-license it under GFDL.”  —  And I assume the above sentence is covered by “fair use” which I think I do understand!

I finished the first draft of the Panama journal and letters.  I’m adding historical notes and footnotes.  I can do that.

However–There are photographs available on the Internet to go with my notes, and either they are copyrighted or they are not.  I must check each source to determine which.  Then I must learn  (1) whether I must contact the copyright owner for permission, and (2) how to attribute them properly.

Fifty years ago, I knew how to correctly format footnotes and bibliographies.  The Internet puts me in a different world.

It’s time for another learning experience.

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