Texas-Hondo-Louis L’Amour

Texas-Hondo-Louis L’Amour

Wedding coming up–a grandson in Texas.

We can hardly claim to have been in Texas. I visited our son for a day or two when he was stationed there about 20 years ago, and I don’t remember anything except taking a walk with the grandchildren on the base, where Kevin pointed out a fire-ant’s nest (we avoided it), and leaving from an airport. Since then, both of us have transferred from one flight to another in Houston. We don’t think that counts as “visiting” a state. We’ll remedy that for our grandson’s wedding when the California part of the family gathers in Dallas.

A priority for something “very Texas” for family pictures (other than the wedding photos)–Internet search turns up Pioneer Plaza and the cattle drive sculptures.

The Cattle Drive on Pioneer Plaza

One artist, Robert Summers, created the 49 cattle and three drivers in larger-than-life bronze. If spring reaches Dallas (last weather report I checked showed temperatures down into the 20’s) by the time we get there, a family picnic where the kids can run like cattle sounds good.

Mention cowboys and cattle, and Skus reminds me his favorite western author is Louis L’Amour. I ask, “Did he write stories set in Texas?” We find out that a North Dakotan named Louis Dearborn LaMoore “did a little cowboying” in Texas before he decided to concentrate on herding words instead of cattle, and that “Louis L’Amour” would improve his image.

The Texas town of Hondo achieved its fame first as a WWII aviation training base, and second as the title of L’Amour’s breakout novel, so that’s next on Skus’ reading list.

Half the fun of travel is finding those bits of history.

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