The Confirmation Blitz

The Confirmation Blitz

Is the rush to confirm Trump’s cabinet supposed to make Congress (after the last years) look productive?  Or is it to cover up potential ethical conflicts and perhaps unsuitable candidates?

Republicans have pointed out that Obama’s confirmations were just as prompt.  The difference is that Obama’s candidates had submitted all the required paperwork and had gone through the required investigations.  Trump’s candidates have not all done that, I think because they haven’t had enough time since he named them.

“A chosen nominee then must pass through a series of investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, the Office of Government Ethics and an ethics official from the agency to which the position is assigned.[4] The nominee must also fill out the Public Financial Disclosure Report and questionnaires related to his or her background check.”

I’m slightly reassured about the situation now that several hearings have been postponed, and it seems that the candidates whose hearings are in progress are getting some tough questions.   But if they are all confirmed it will certainly look like a rubber stamp.

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