The Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum

Arboretum in January? Barren trees, but worth the admission for water features?

We took a chance. The Dallas Arboretum in January at the off-season price is spectacular. Pansies and other cold-hardy flowers, even a few lightly-blooming rose bushes, show plenty of color. The pattern of bare pecan branches against the sky is wonderfully abstract. Streams and ponds are surrounded with greenery.

Arboretum volunteers drive trams, normally on a prescribed route to the children’s exploration garden, but our driver gave us an extended narrated tour because he didn’t have to keep to schedule for the next group. Without him, we wouldn’t have seen nearly as much, or learned about the various festivals, the picnic-any-time policy, or the Arboretum history.

After the tram tour, our daughter had a brisk walk while we meandered around more level areas and rested on stone or cement walls to rest and enjoy the scenery.

If we lived in Dallas, we’d become members of the Arboretum, use the walks for our exercise, and make it the first place to take visitors.

The tram, two Arboretum volunteers chatting.
One of the Dallas Arboretum trams, with two volunteers chatting.

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