The Rockies

The Rockies


“Like thy rocks of towering grandeur, make me strong and sure–”  from a hymn we sang at church camp about six decades ago.  It comes back to me as we drive through the Canadian Rockies.  We’ve driven this way more than once, but each time we are newly amazed–Layer upon layer of rock, vertical or horizontal, tipped one way, then another, even bent into a U.  We see God’s palm pressing the end of a plateau, pushing it down while the other end rises, each millimeter part of His ultimate design. 


Of course He uses earthquakes for instant ridges and crevasses, but we are intrigued, brought to our knees in awe (figuratively, because we’re driving) by the unimaginable intricacy of pattern, the patience for millions of years to raise this mountain and gouge that valley.  To us, a multi-million-year creation is at least as good evidence of God’s intelligent and planned handiwork as a 7-day blast. 


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