U.S. Route 6

U.S. Route 6

From Bishop, California, we turn on to U.S. Route 6.  Whee!  What an adventure …

2015-07-13m RT 6 SIGNBut all we see of Route 6 is a few miles into Nevada, over Montgomery Pass.

Historically, Route 6 ended at Long Beach, but it has been erased by U.S. 395, I-15 and other freeways, so now, when you take it east, you find it in Bishop, California.

The route, or what remains, passes through Ely, Nevada; Spanish Fork, Utah; Denver, Colorado; Omaha, Nebraska; Des Moines, Iowa; Joliet, Illinois; Gary, Indiana; Cleveland, Ohio; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Packskill, New York; Hartford, Connecticut; Providence, Rhode Island; and to the tip of Cape Cod at Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Since 1965, when Route 6 was terminated at Bishop, California, Route 20 has been the longest U. S. transcontinental highway

In its transcontinental days, Route 6 intersected with the somewhat more famous Route 66 in two places: downtown Joliet and downtown Los Angeles.

Route 6 has half the digits and twice the kicks!

The  U.S. Route 6 Tour Association is a great site for I-wish-we-could-see-it-all travelers.


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