Will’s Wanderlust

Will’s Wanderlust

June 23, 1907.  Will’s letter to Cousin Mabel continues: 

“I haven’t been away [from home] quite eighteen months, yet if it wasn’t for the friends I’d probably see each boat leave without me, too, and not worry about it, but I’ve got the “Wanderlust” which combined with the “Curse of God” is only to be cured in one way.

“I’ve sent an application for a position on railroad location in Brazil whereby I hope to nearly triple my present salary—if possible I would visit ‘God’s Country’ before crossing the equator—and if work don’t start too soon and I get the position I will resign here in time to visit home a few days.  This work is too tame—and underpaid, although I expect a raise soon—for me to stay here longer than to get a getaway stake.”

            “Well the boys are around so I can’t hear myself think any longer and will have to close—guess I’ve said all there is to say anyway.
                                    Your aff. Cousin”

Whether Will ‘s application for Brazil was denied, or he changed his mind, we don’t know, but a letter written April 10, 1913–by which time Will had a wife and child to contain his wanderlust–was also mailed from Panama: 

April 10, 1913: Today is the sixth anniversary of my landing here—a long time for a “rolling stone” to stay in one place, isn’t it?”


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