Winnemucca: Veterans Memorial

Winnemucca: Veterans Memorial

We’re still ascending the hill north out of Winnemucca.  We stop (not the first time) at the Veterans Memorial.2015-07-14q Winnemucca (13)

The equipment isn’t labeled, but Skus identified most of it.  The caisson  had to be WWI because of its wooden wheels, and it was horse drawn, quite a contrast with the jet plane behind it which could be from Korea, but probably Viet Nam!
2015-07-14q Winnemucca (6)

2015-07-14q Winnemucca (9)A light tank (pictured) was probably early WWII, and the large one probably late WWII or Korea.

As always, we’d appreciate comments or corrections!

This small collection also included a helicopter which I enjoyed because of the doves nesting in its underparts.   It’s a good spot for travelers to stretch their legs, next to the highway and not a long stop.

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